Monday, April 04, 2011

15. Where could I work less and achieve more?

To maximize time spent practicing your passions, minimize everything else. These days you can find machines or human helpers to assist with almost anything. Author Timothy Ferriss "batches" job tasks into his famous "four-hour workweek." My client Cindy has an e-mail ghostwriter. Another client, Angela, hired an assistant in the Philippines who flawlessly tracks her schedule and her investments. Get creative with available resources to find more time in your life and life in your time.

I don't know how to answer this. All of these 'helps' require more money. And it's kind of funny that all of these examples are people doing what I do for a living. So I don't think getting an assistant for my assisting is going to cut it. More time in my life...really trying to make it work to only work part time so that I can spend more time with Jack.

I'll try and think of other ways to find more life in my time, I guess.


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