Monday, April 04, 2011

18. So say I lived in that fabulous house in Tuscany, with untold wealth, a gorgeous, adoring mate, and a full staff of servants...then what?

We can get so obsessed with acquiring fabulous lives that we forget to live. When my clients ask themselves this question, they almost always discover that their "perfect life" pastimes are already available. Sharing joy with loved ones, spending time in nature, finding inner peace, writing your novel, plotting revenge -- you can do all these things right now. Begin!

Realizing that this weekend. Love the life I have (sans the day job mostly). But I have a wonderful husband, an adorable baby (ack! I have a 8-month'd that happen? I know, I know.), a supportive and all-around-great mom (who lives with us!), in-laws who reared an amazing man and who love Jack so, so much. I live in a beautiful place that has so much to offer (we went to Sonoma...a 57-mile-round-trip drive this weekend). I am fearfully and wonderfully made and loved by the Creator of the Universe. I have a purpose and a plan.


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