Saturday, April 09, 2011


my heart is full. Shawn's parents have been with us for the past week and a half. and we've had such a good time. it feels like they just got here. and Jack has just eaten up their attention and love. it's been so fun to see Jack blossom while they've been here. grandpa don has taken him to the park and put him in the swing for the first time and let him slide down the slide. grandma pat has helped him walk, oohed and ahhed, held him in her lap and read to him.

it's times like these i wish we were closer to shawn's family. i know we're supposed to be here. and i know they're supposed to be there. but it's hard to be far away. we're planning on going to MN in September and again in December, but that seems so far away. and Jack changes so much from week to week that it's hard to be away from them and them not be a part of the day to day.

i am so thankful for their love. i'm thankful for the way they raised Shawn. for their example of steadfastness, loyalty, compassion, encouragement and devotion.

i'm so glad for Jack to have them as grandparents and i can't wait for him to get to know them even more and love them even a portion of the love they have for him.

i sit back and watch him interact with them and my heart is full to overflowing.

it's also still surreal sometimes that Jack is ours. that Shawn and I became family and have created a family by having Jack. and that i was blessed by marrying into Shawn's family. sure they're not perfect, but certainly no family is. but i am welcomed and loved and know that Jack is, too.

already looking forward to September...


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