Monday, April 25, 2011

letting it go

So Let Go is one of my guidelines for my 2011 Best Year Yet.

I don't know why I have such a hard time with it.

This morning as I clocked in (yes, I'm still a slave to the time clock), I was determined to inspire and be positive and work hard and do and be the right thing.

Then, I turned on my computer and saw that another entity had logged on. That group has its own office on campus. But, someone from that group signed on to my computer. AND scribbled something unintelligible on my work calendar.

And then, I went to go get my favorite mug to pour some coffee and it wasn't there. Not in any of the cabinets. Not at my desk. Nowhere in sight. It's my personal mug. One which was bought for me by one of my bosses. He brought it back from Russia for me. And it's gone. Hopefully temporarily.

But it stirs up in me the lack of love I have for working in a hallway. And using a public space that people don't respect.

And then I feel like crap because I'm supposed to be letting go. And not letting this kind of stuff get to me. And not letting this kind of stuff spoil my productivity or desire to be the best me and be positive and inspirational to those around me.

And here I sit. Looking at the flowers Shawn brought me last week (yay for a surprise of flowers just because). And I smile. And think about Jack and how he's 9 months today. And how I'm thankful that I even have a job that helps provide for my family. And family...what a great family I have. Not just blood, but by marriage, and by adoption into Christ.

And a take a deep breath and I let go and move on to finishing responding to e-mails.


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