Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the latest

i like starbucks. the one of which i'm a part is in Sausalito. beautiful sunrise over the bay when i work the opening shift (starts at 4:45a weekdays, 5:15a weekends). the picture above is about the view from the store. other than that, i like getting to know the 'regulars' as well as 'meeting' all the tourists and other customers. i've talked with three or four from South Carolina, one or two from Atlanta, and a guy who's 6 feet 11 inches tall (I asked).

the other thing keeping me busy is wedding planning. there is one fabric 'outlet' in Marin (county in which i live) and they didn't have the fabric i wanted (for the bridesmaids' dresses). so i went online and found a couple of places in the city (San Francisco, of course). I called ahead to one place and they seemed to maybe have something like what I was looking for (is green satine such a hard thing to find?). please know that before i went with a new friend to the one fabric place in marin, i had no clue what kind of fabric i was looking for, much less the name of it :). so i drove into the city today (cost me $7.50 total: $5 for the toll to cross the Golden Gate bridge and $2.50 for parking) and found a fabric I think I like. Got a swatch of it and will show a few people to get their two cents and then will buy it, buy the pattern I've already found and like (and the girls do, too) and mail it to each of the girls so they can have the dress made.

sounds so boring. but this is my life right now: planning a wedding and serving coffee.

fun times, I tell ya'.