Sunday, August 31, 2008

dreams and ice cream

We stumbled upon a Haagen Daaz ice cream store yesterday in Palo Alto (free museum on the campus of Stanford that's awesome for those of you in the Bay area). 

anyway, so first of all, Shawn's only had Haagen Daaz ice cream a handful of times and only Haagen Daaz coffee ice cream once. and he loved it. of course he loved it. so i made him let us go in and get some. I chose coffee mocha chip. the best thing in the world. and that made my day. i mean it was a gorgeous day and the museum was fun and going into a two-story Crate & Barrel was way fun, but the ice cream did it for me. 

so then we get home and don't really have dinner. i choose to have an ice cream sandwich as my little bite to eat before bed. i hardly have a little bite to eat before bed any more, but i figured since i didn't have dinner, i could choose this. so as i'm taking the first few bites, shawn says, 'that's gonna give you nightmares, along with the haagen daaz.' i reply back, 'no, you saying that it's going to give me nightmares is going to give me nightmares.' 

going to bed, i thought nothing of that conversation.

well...two different times i had 'disturbing dreams' 

the first one, i got abducted by this guy around my age. he didn't look all that scary, but i was hiding from them coming after us (who knows who us was and who knows why we were in the woods behind the building we were hanging out in because we knew they were coming to get us but why they were coming to get us, again i don't know). but anyway, i was hiding next to a big tree because they were trying to find us in their cars, so i thought, they can't get close enough to me if i'm next to a tree. well someway or another, the dude caught me. but we were in public and i was trying to make people believe that he had kidnapped me and was doing bad things to me, but because he looked so normal, no one would believe me. finally, i ran into a group of guys who knew me and i was able to explain to them the scenario. and finally the abductor let me out of his sight long enough for me to run away. and the guys said they were going to take care of him. so i start running and it's night fall and i end up in this neighborhood and i realize it's the neighborhood of some family i use to live with (not in real life, but in the reality of the dream life i was living). so i made it to their house and i just ran inside. there were kids there and they didn't recognize me, but the mom did and i told her what had happened and she let me stay....then i woke up .

so then i tried going back to sleep to have a good dream. i had woken up right before the alarm went off. so then i fell back asleep and dreamt that shawn and i were looking for something and he realized that we had never moved anything out of the storage space in the old apartment (we didn't have a storage space in the old apartment, just in the dream life of the old apartment). so some friends of ours were over when we realized this so the four of us went over and first wanted to see if we'd left it in the apartment itself. so we just walked in (the door was open, the 'new' people hadn't fully moved in yet...something about they had to paint or something). so we checked and our stuff wasn't in there, but we were hoping since the new people hadn't fully moved in that they wouldn't have looked in the storage room yet. so we got to the storage room, and sure enough all our stuff was in there. i woke up as we were moving stuff out of there and walking it down the street to our new place...

anybody out there into interpreting dreams?

and now back to doing laundry...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

days go by

it's been a while since i've updated. so my back got better the day after we flew to MN. the flight was pretty miserable, but I made it. I've figured out that I can handle being sick/hurt/etc for about three days. Past that, I get overwhelmed and seem to have a break down. That's not really a good track record. I mean, maybe I can work up to handling something a week. Although, I'm not asking to have something go wrong so I can test that out.

Lately, I've been thinking about the future. Not such a surprise. I'm taking two classes at the community college this semester. Two prerequisites for a Masters in Counseling that I'm looking into. The classes are really basic. But interesting so far (it's only been two weeks). I have a paper due that can't be longer than 3 pages and it's based on what I think using a movie to describe what I think. 

The orientation for the degree is in October. And it's a mandatory orientation. 

Am looking forward to learning more about it. I'll apply, but I haven't decided to go that route or not. I'd have to work full time and go to school at the same time. It's a three year degree. 

Other than that, things are going well. We may get a new boss by January. It's been nice having a boss that only comes on campus once a month.

Now I'm rambling...good thing it's a  day weekend. We're doing a 'stay-cation.' Hung out in Palo Alto today and Monday we're gonna just hang out in the city.

Yay for college football starting. Auburn has a huge lead in the 3rd quarter. Shut out so far.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

fun times

sunday while helping friends move, i hurt my back. didn't feel it until middle of the night that night. it's just a muscle strain of some sort, but it's no fun. especially when we leave tomorrow night for minnesota to visit shawn's family (my family, too, now I guess). but having a thrown-out back means no lifting, no washing dishes or doing laundry, and while that sounds nice, when it comes right before traveling, it's not making things here at home that nice. cause it means shawn has to do all of that, plus get ready himself for the trip and for some reason he gets a little edgy every time we travel by plane. so, i've been sitting around tonight while he finishes up work stuff trying to stay out of the way, wishing i could make it better.
in other news, my brother-in-law, Patrick, is home from a year away in Iraq. He and my sister will be leaving for Japan in November. Paige came for a weekend visit mid-July and that'll be the last time I see her for quite a while. I'm really excited for them. Part of me really wanted to be there today to welcome him home.
Also, I've been really missing my grandparents lately. My grandmother is still living and I'll get to see her at Thanksgiving, but it's hard to keep in touch. She doesn't answer the phone if family isn't there and I could write her, but others have to read it to her and it feels weird for me to know that. I should get over that part and send her letters anyway. 
And the other night I dreamt that I went to visit my grandparents and got to see my granddad for a minute or two and got to tell him we were visiting Minnesota. That's all I remember about it. 
And then there's school. I start classes at the community college the week of the 18th. I'm taking two classes that are prerequisites for a Master's degree in Counseling that I'm thinking about starting next Fall. I'm looking forward to learning and being back in the classroom. It'll be interesting to see how I can balance school, work and being intentional in the community.