Friday, May 30, 2008


i'm learning to be more low-context in a diplomatic way at work. professionally, i'm used to 'beating around the bush' to communicate. personally, i'm fairly direct in my communication. i'm realizing that i talk about work directly, but deal with work situations and relationships quite indirectly or not at all. so i'm learning to be more direct, but in a nice, not defensive or insecure, kind of way.

for example, someone to whom i answer began spelling my name wrong about three days ago. interestingly, up to that, he'd spelled it correctly. for some reason, it just changed. not ok with me. so i e-mailed him to let him know it bothered me. his reply...Thanks, Loren. Will do.

so one victory.

THEN, I was to have a meeting with two people from another office. One on my level and the other the supervisor, so on a level above me. I realized that this would pose a possible lose-face situation, or worse, them ganging up on me (not in a real fight kind of way, but still). So I e-mailed the supervisor and requested a meeting just with him. He wouldn't have that, so I said I'd need my supervisor there, as well. Victory!

These sound stupid and small, but it's a huge step for me for some reason. I feel like I'm growing. Now I need to learn how better to surervise the two people I'm supposed to be supervising.

On a lighter note, I got my hair cut (all of them, actually) yesterday. I'll have to take a picture to post. I like it alot. AND Shawn commented positively on it right when I walked in the door (last time, it took til the next day, so I communicated with him that I needed verbal affirmation more quickly than that and he remembered!).'s been a busy morning already. All before 10a!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


um, this post may not be seen as appropriate by some (as in my mom who never let us use the word 'butt')

so i've posted a couple of times about trying to stop biting my nails. A couple of weeks ago, someone provided an analogy that I think may be the solution to biting my nails: biting your nails is like licking your butt hole. nice. whatever it takes, right?

Friday, May 02, 2008


31 cents for a scoop of ice cream. i got three scoops of chocolate chip.

watched both American Idols. don't think this year is even close to the talent of any of the past years. and Jason shouldn't have made it to the top 8 or so. whatever. it's his eyes.

i'm going to a conference this weekend in San Francisco about living in community. hope to meet some like-minded people and maybe even learn a thing or two.

am going to make home-made macaroni and cheese for the first time ever. we're having a picnic for church this Sunday. way looking forward to that...roasted chicken, baked beans, mac n cheese...mmmm.

a friend introduced me to check it out. free movies and free tv online. for me, since we don't have a tv, this is extremely happy. speaking of which, i didn't watch Grey's Anatomy last night. need to watch it online today. maybe on my lunch break...

see, it's all frivolous stuff, but sometimes that's just how it is. maybe we'll name a daughter (if we have one) frivolous anne. the other option these days is shananigans jane. that's a good one, too. maybe we'll have twin girls who would hate us forever.