Thursday, January 31, 2008

half full/half empty

before jumping to conclusions, i need to make it clear that i am thankful for my job. i give all credit to God for delivering me from a pretty crazy situation to come to work here (which, i admit, some days are crazy, but doable crazy, not working-for-a-crazy-psychologist-crazy). i get to have lunch with friends on a weekly basis. i have good benefits. we're able to save and pay off debt with me having this job.

all of that to say, i haven't quite figured out what i 'want to be when i grow up,' but i'm slowly, but oh-so-surely, learning what i DON'T want it to include:

1. making copies (do i really have to explain myself here?)

2. scheduling (i'm not a fan of trying to work with various peoples' schedules to find a time for all of them to meet when everyone has the idea that his/her schedule is of utmost importance)

3. calling someone to set up a phone conversation with that someone and another someone (why can't the said person wanting me to make such call just call the person with whom they want a conversation and either talk with them right then or leave a message?)

4. minute-taker of a meeting (i've learned i get way too involved to be a part of any meeting and not be able to provide my two cents as a viable decision maker)

i'm sure there's more...those are the ones that come to mind at the moment. i'll keep you posted.

Friday, January 25, 2008


does anyone else work with men who take a book with them when going to the restroom?

just curious...

the web guy

i have the privilege of having an office space across from the web administrator. he has an office, with a door. but there are no windows in the office and it's a smaller space than a 'normal' office, i suppose. so he keeps the door open. i think he thinks he's alone. he has two choices of audio pleasure. i can hear anythign coming from his computer (including software program noises that sound like video games and trains). and most things he plays can be heard at least half-way down the hall. his choice of 'radio' is either opera or conservative talk radio. it's been decided (by others in the hallway, too) that talk radio is definitely the preference of the people. unlucky for me, he's chosen opera on this rainy, slowly-going-by Friday. ~sigh~

Thursday, January 24, 2008


i was all ready to fall asleep in my cozy bed around 9:30p. that didn't happen. couldn't fall asleep. shawn came to bed. we prayed (um, his prayer included praying for a friend of ours who is pregnant. she's due in a week. phrases he actually said: 'full with child' and 'knitting project.' i laughed out loud. i'm sure I was just joining God in that one), and then as i started to try to fall asleep i thought about a couple friend who i haven't talked with in a while. occasionally what happens is i think, 'i should write them a letter.' then i proceed to mentally write them a letter. then the words sound so good that i don't want to forget the exact order of words i came up with, so i have to get out of bed and actually write the letter. it's written. i feel better, but i'm still pretty awake. should try to go back to sleep anyway.
by the way, shawn is sorry for eating both pieces of chocolate cake and finishing off the bottle of wine we just bought tuesday. he didn't wait for me to return from Target to share either with me. not that i'm still bitter or anything...sigh. and with that, i wish you a good evening.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


we get mistaken for each other...and we don't even look alike! here, annelies and i are celebrating our friend's wedding:

Monday, January 21, 2008

what to do?

i forgot until last thursday that i have today off. so i tried to begin thinking of grand plans for today. i've accomplished two of the things i'd put on my mental to-do list, with a third coming up at 3p. i wanted the day to start earlier than it did, however. shawn tried waking me up when he got up: 6:30a. that didn't happen. then he said bye to me around 7:30a. was hoping to get up then, but i just rolled back over. was having weird dreams, but now i can't remember them enough to put them into words. alas, i digress. 10:10 i look at the clock and think, this would be a good time to get out of bed, but i hear rain outside and pull the covers up a bit more and doze off AGAIN. finally at 11:30a i decide it's time to get OUT of bed and IN the shower (sorry LeaAnn for being one of those of whom you're not going to be jealous for having the day off). after getting ready, i leave right away to pick up (after over a month of it waiting for me) a free pound of coffee from a friend who works at Starbucks (I chose Gold Coast...yum-my). She was on her 10 min. break, so we chatted for 20. then i call dentist because tooth still hurts and he can see me at 2p. excellent. i head back home, check my e-mail, catch up on the news (not much going on today) and head to the dentist. he looks and sees it's just inflamed (no cement, thank goodness, and no need for a root canal...thank God...literally). now i'm eating oatmeal (still on soft foods) and drinking hot tea. going to see another friend at 3. then coming back here to make some order of this place we call our apartment. fun times. may catch up on Grey's Anatomy online, as well.

and for the latest news about what to do with the rest of my life..i had a thought about graphic design. i checked at College of Marin to see what classes they offered. it began with Intro (which is actually before Beginner) to PhotoShop and since I got bored just at the thought of six weeks about learning the basic basics of Photoshop, I decided graphic design is NOT for me.
on to editing/writing: there's a class at COM about getting your foot in the door as an editor. still thinking about taking this course. even if it's something i do on the side, it sounds fun to me (i'm a closet nerd).
then another idea came flying in this weekend. i was asked to be wedding coordinator (as in direct the rehearsal and make sure those who came late to the wedding didn't walk down the isle along side of the bride) for a friend's wedding. and I had a blast at the rehearsal! LOVED it. the wedding was a bit stressful (mostly because I just got in that state cause i was thinking if something went wrong it would all be MY fault). and the fact that i learned at about 1p (wedding was at 2p) that I needed to also be in charge of the reception's events. whew. but alas, now i'm thinking too of event planning. i even met a girl at the rehearsal who used to do that as a living and was telling me a bit about it. she's thinking of getting back into it.

all of that to say, still feeling a bit restless about the 'what i want to be when i grow up' idea. i know i need to be still and wait and let this job i'm in now last for another 2.5 years, but still...i'm a future thinker. what can i say?

any other ideas that come to mind when you think "Loren" (ok, i know i just opened myself wide up for this, but i'm thinking specifically as career, not character flaw or physical description)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i get a crown put on, no, i'm not going to be deemed royalty. it's for my tooth. i only have one molar and it's been doing the work of two for the past 10 years or so. it's starting to give way (as in, chipped tooth). so i get to have a crown put on (not the pretty porcelain, looks like my teeth kind, either; nope: metal!) so it will hopefully stay strong and work for a long, long time. and perhaps this is my cue to stop chewing ice. one of two habits i long to break, but don't have a successful method of doing so. the other you ask? if you spent any time at all around me, you may have a clue: biting my nails. have tried to quit before. am trying again. i figure i'm 29 (as of yesterday) and 29 year old women should not bite their nails. i feel like if i keep at it, i won't have any nails by the time i'm 79 (hopefully I make it to that age; if not, i'll be HOME).
so anyway, habits. if anyone has ideas on how to break either of them (i've tried the nasty nail polish; not enough to deter me; i've tried lids on cups to make it harder to get to the ice, i just take the lid off) i am open to suggestions. i've actually even thought seriously about hypnotism. hmm...

Thursday, January 10, 2008


7: how many months I've been married (as of yesterday)
29: how many years I'll have lived as of Monday
14: the day of January I celebrate my coming into this world

17 million (figuratively speaking, of course): things I want to do before I die, hoping to make the most of the time God gives me, to include

laugh more
be light more
be in the Word more
allow God to bring beauty through my being
rest in Him
eat more ice cream

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


mindy smith
damien rice

didn't budget for music this year. will just have to depend on my yahoo radio for now, but didn't want to forget how much i like all of these.

maybe i'll start blogging again...and keep this one and just update the shawn and loren one with pictures and such...perhaps...

then maybe i'll be moved into the real list on az's blog roll

fascinating description

said of the retiring head of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Pragmatic Custodian of Human Civilization