Wednesday, April 09, 2008


earlier this week, i was trying just to delete one e-mail when all of a sudden all e-mails were highlighted and before i realized it, i hit 'shift-delete' and all 11 e-mails in the inbox were gone. luckily, a majority had been replied to and/or taken care of. most were just reminders of stuff i was waiting on from others. now it's happy, cause my inbox is so clean!

WARNING: Please do not read the following if it is easy for you to get queasy over things of love that are cheesy.
it's been 10 months since i've been married. in chapel today we sang the song about our lives being a love song to God. it hit me that i hadn't really gotten the full meaning of that until shawn wrote a song for me (no words yet; just melody). but it really touched me. i'm thankful for Shawn's presence in my life. and hopeful for the 'what's to come' with him. yay for ten months.

that's it for now

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


sent out a syllabus today for a seminar. get an e-mail from a student asking about the start and end times. i had a hunch that the information he was requesting might have been included in the syllabus. sure enough, SCHEDULE was pages 6-7. i LOVE it when people read. seriously. it's my favorite.

good thing i'm here to read for them. what ever would they do?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


i've had the hiccups twice today.

i'm really wanting some ice cream right about now. how i wish a perk of this job was free Starbucks and free Coldstone.

i was just told by the head guy here that I look like an artist today. i'm wearing a loose black dress, black knee socks and black clogs with my hair in a bun. perhaps he's not so wrong? not necessarily what i was going for. just didn't feel like thinking hard about what to wear this morning.

love the fact that Dr. Pepper was the free gift today on Facebook. too bad I can only give it once to a friend. boo.

trying to have a productive last 45 minutes at work...starting right after i click on "publish post"