Monday, October 20, 2008

a fully great weekend

i wanted to document this weekend's events because it just felt like a full, really happy, really good weekend.
we helped out with a group life simulcast conference. we were the book-sellers. so we got to go for free. about every other speaker was really good. the others...we realized we were a little ahead of the curve on getting on board with the information that was shared. some of it was a good reminder, other stuff was a bit more 'aha.'
after the conference on Saturday (it went from 8:30a-3:30p) we went to buy some new walking shoes for me. we went to archrival. Shawn used to work there, so we normally still get a discount, plus they sell good shoes. before we even walked in, we looked at the shoes for sale outside. i picked up one that i liked. it's actually the brand that shawn bought for his work tennisshoes (i say it as one word, so i'll write it as one word). so we walked in and asked if they had the shoe in my size. shawn also asked the guy to bring out any thing else that he thought might work. tried the pair on that i picked out and they're perfect! that's never happened before. yay for new shoes. AND they're also good for hiking. so after we got the shoes, we went for a hike. cool trail that Shawn stumbled upon. then we went home and had dinner and then walked down to the sports' bar to watch game 6 between the red sox and the rays. fun game to watch. fun crowd in the place.
sunday we slept in. then i met a friend to get a pedicure. a new place in strawberry village was having a special that we stumbled upon on friday so we made appointments for sunday at 10:30a. i LOVE a pedicure. then we went home and hung out a bit. i finished preparing for facilitating church on hebrews 4. then Shawn took me to the DRIVING RANGE. first time I've ever been to the driving range. it was a big deal for me. both my dad and granddad were golfers, but never once took me with them. i actually did fairly well for it being my first time. i was able to use demo clubs. they were still too long, but better than using Shawn's. i actually hit most of the golf balls. it was pretty fun, but I have to admit that I am not the most patient person, so I was ready to be done after about 2/3 of the medium basket of balls. i let Shawn hit the rest. Then we practiced putting some. I'm pretty ok at that because of all the putt-putting I did in my younger days.
so then we went home and took a nap. then i watched an episode of the Office. then it was church. that went pretty well. I used a few tips from the conference to ask some pointed questions about Sabbath rest. and I challenged us all to spend some intentional time in Sabbath rest some time this week.
then we got to watch the end of game 7. rays won. probably won't try too hard to catch any of the World Series.
anyway, it was just a fun, relaxing, but full of learning and spending time with people kind of weekend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


on the plane ride back i sat next to a lady who was a psychologist/counselor/professor. i was reading my lifespan text and so as we were about to deplane, she asked what i was studying. i shared with her that i was taking two prerequisites for a Master's in Counseling. she then shared that's what she got and affirmed in the path I was choosing to become a counselor. Then she asked why I was in CO. She mentioned that even in only the few days she was there for a conference she starting feeling a bit trapped and missed the water. I told her that was exactly the reason I wanted to move back to the Bay Area and that I hadn't even realized it. I told her I was from the East Coast (it's true, and doesn't have the connotation of The South) and had never lived more than 2 hours from the ocean prior to living in CO. She said, she too was from the East Coast. She asked where I was from and I told her SC. She then lit up and said she was from Savannah! We talked about people being closed-minded and sweeping things under the rug.

It was just an interesting encounter of someone in whose footsteps I seem to be following, though I'd never met her before...

That to say, I think the idea is to wait a few years, go for my Master's in Counseling (a two year program if I go full-time) and concentrate on Marriage and Family therapy. I'm hopeful about that idea and the journey that lies ahead. If she (and two other ladies in the Bay Area I know who got the same degree at the same place I'm looking into and who're counseling/teaching now) I can too, right?

Monday, October 06, 2008

the things of the journey

this weekend, i co-hosted a baby shower. my first baby shower ever to co-host. it went well. i can't wait to meet little jude (due Nov. 14). we had petit fors and mini-quiches and drank punch out of wine glasses.

that morning, i learned that a 40 year old healthy husband and father of 5, devoted follower of Christ died. he found out back in November that he had stage 4 lung cancer. never smoked a day in his life. was in great physical and spiritual shape. now he's gone. the hardest thing for me is those 5 girls (ages 6-16) who were so faithful and hopeful their dad would live. and of course he's living eternally in a much better place, but for now, that's still not ok to me. i pray their faith continues (thought I can't say I'd blame them if it didn't). I pray they feel and know the peace and love of God during this hard, sad time.

and it's the little things that get to me. that I hate. we didn't have church because of a blue grass festival. i'm totally ok with that. except, only 1 person from our church ended up going. there are only 6 of us total. but then after that, when we would normally meet for church, they all (minus shawn and me) hung out together. didn't even think to call us. ok. that just stings a bit. not that i wasn't productive last night (had to study for a test...only got through Freud...have 3 more theorists to learn by Wednesday), but it's the principle. we've been 'church' with these two couples for over a year now. i just wish we were thought of to hang out outside of church. hardly happens...

so i've been praying for 7 San Rafael friends (that's the town in which we live). which means I have to hang out in San Rafael to meet people that would become friends. but i work full-time in another town. which means i have to be hanging out downtown San Rafael during the evenings. I've had the idea of joining a book club. will go look on Craigslist for something like that right now.

not to mention that Auburn lost Vanderbilt. really? we need to get a consistent offense going. don't think that will happen this season. i'm not looking forward to the Iron Bowl this year.

gotta go get ready for a meeting about numbers with the President and the Registrar...