Friday, July 25, 2008


i really hate it when people spell my name wrong.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

remembering by doing

my granddad died a little over two years ago. before that day i'd never known a day in this world without him.

occasionally i miss him so much it hurts. sometimes, though, i do things and realize i do them because he did them. and that makes me smile. two things have happened this past week that have been such occurrences.

the other night i played solitaire...with real playing cards. haven't done that in a long while. he taught me how. 

tonight, all i had for dinner was some rolls with butter and jelly. my granddad would have that for dinner from time to time. 

deep's the little things.

tonight we're going to worship outside. intentionally as a way of being light to our community by singing out words of exaltation and truth to our God in front of everyone who passes by. it is my hope that those words and the music will sweeten the air and people's spirits will be lifted and the Holy Spirit would guide people to feel a deep hunger inside themselves for their Creator. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


perhaps i spoke in haste. i bargained with Shawn. normally, I get $15 a week for food. really, it's to eat out with friends. i can usually go out twice a week if I play the game right.

well, last night neither of us felt like cooking and i really wanted chicken fingers and french fries. and the All Star game was on (we don't have a T.V.). so I bargained. i told Shawn that if we go to dinner at the sports bar and watch the game, that i would give up two weeks of my $15/week for lunches. so i have to bring my lunch every day for the next two weeks. it'll be hard, but i think i'm up for the challenge.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm in love

with this:

and with

Friday, July 11, 2008


Some poems that were recommended. Some I've read before, others I've not known until now.

"We Real Cool" by G. Brooks
"You Begin," by M. Atwood
"Afternoon Memory" G. Soto
"Theories of Time and Space" N Trethewey
"Still" A R Ammons
"Road Not Taken" R Frost
"The Lake Isle of Innisfree" WB Yeats
"Words from the Front" R Padgett
"Rhode Island" W Meredith
"Homage to my Hips" L Clifton
"Supermarket in California" A Ginsberg
"Kore" R Creeley

Monday, July 07, 2008


at church last night we talked about healing (Matthew 8). i don't really know my theology of healing. how much faith does it take? or is it even about faith? and is it all about physical healing or does 'restore' refer to spiritual healing and reconciliation? lots of questions. no conclusive answers. i realized that i have a mostly human perspective on death. that i lose sight of the eternal life hopeful part about it. and that's struggling with those who are followers of Christ. the eternal damnation thing is even harder.

on another note, a couple of weeks ago we were hanging out with some friends at their house in san anselmo (home of the best bagels in Marin). anyway, they have a 17 month old girl who is absolutely brilliant and precious. she fell asleep on my lap. gosh. amazing.

i've been thinking about kids and i eventually want some, but these days the choice is between me going back to school to get a degree i can actually use for a career or having kids. it's not an either/or. if i go back to school, we'll just wait until i finish before starting a family. and if i went back to school, i'd be working full time as i went back to school. and it'd be three years of school, which includes intern hours. i've applied to the local community college to take some prerequisite courses. that would be to get my feet wet. i'm hoping that after taking those classes i'll have a better idea if this is what i should and want to be doing.

that's all for now.