Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i need to live outside of myself more. i need to want to know people's stories. i was reminded (but it was put in a different form that made the lightbulb even brighter) that in re-storying comes restoration. i need to learn peoples' stories so they can be heard, be validated and hopefully to find metaphors and experiences that can lead to restoration. May God have mercy on that.
tonight, walking towards my car on a college campus, a lady out of the blue came up and said that she missed the bus and asked for a ride. i hesitated and then said i had a meeting. the 'meeting' was going home for dinner. i could have taken her where she needed to go. and i could have learned a bit of her story and been love to her. 
may I be aware of these opportunities and make the most of them and not have my head down and be so task and time oriented that I miss out on relating to others, and therefore relating to God.